Both Russian and international media representatives can apply to participate in the TRILOGY Conference, subject to the following conditions: 

  • Russian media organizations must be registered with the Federal Supervisory Service for Telecommunications, Information Technology and Communications (hereinafter, ‘Roskomnadzor’); 
  • For international media representatives: those who normally work in the Russian Federation must be accredited by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Media representatives wishing to cover the TRILOGY Conference can submit an accreditation application via email to until 10 June 2022.  

The application will be reviewed during two business days. The Organizing Committee of the Conference reserves the right to refuse accreditation without explanation. Information regarding your application will be emailed to the stated email address. 

Accreditation badges are issued at the accreditation points at the TRILOGY Conference venue. Accreditation badges may only be issued under the following conditions: 

  • The registration application is approved by the organizing committee; 
  • Media credentials or a valid passport is provided at the accreditation point. 

Let us kindly remind you that media accreditation badge is essential in order to attend and work at the TRILOGY Conference. 

Media representatives accredited at the TRILOGY Conference may do the following: 

  • Attend the business events; 
  • Obtain information on the TRILOGY Conference (through press releases, the business programme, etc.); 
  • Take photo and video in the TRILOGY Conference venue. 

The TRILOGY Conference Venue will be open for the media representatives on 14 June 2022 from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.