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Industry Media Partners

IAA PortNews


IAA PortNews was established and registered in Russia as a mass media in 2004. Today IAA PortNews is the leading mass media in the field of maritime and river transport. Every day, about 8,000 regular visitors of the Russian and English versions of the portal read the resource.

The agency’s main project is the information portal www.portnews.ru, which provides information about events in the port industry in an on-line mode. All portal information is in the public domain, updated in real time.

Russian Shipping portal


Since 2011, the PortNews Media Group, together with the Russian Chamber of Shipping, have been implementing an industry information project aimed at supporting the domestic fleet – the Russian Shipping portal www.rus-shipping.ru. The portal is a complex specialized information resource reflecting the interests of domestic sea and river transport.



10km.ru is an automotive information and analytical Internet resource that is interesting to a wide range of car owners. Readers of the portal are daily interested in the latest automotive news, test drives, automotive industry issues, choosing a new car and operating features of an old car..

Morskoy Peterburg LLC


The “Morskoy Peterburg” publishing company presents the “Vesti of the Morskoy Peterburg” magazine, that reflects all the development trends of the maritime component of the St. Petersburg economy, as well as the Russian transport complex. The company publishes a reference book “Shipbuilding. Production in Russia” annualy, publishes the yearbook “Sea Ports and Terminals of Russia”. The company creates unique wall-mounted sea charts (seaports of Russia, the Arctic zone of Russia, etc.). Organizes and conducts business conferences on shipbuilding, port business, as well as webinars, business meetings, excursions.

The industry portal “Logistics”


The industry portal “Logistics” / Logistics.ru is one of the well-known and largest Internet resources in the field of logistics and supply chain management in the CISю

Founded in 1998. professional readership. Interesting news, articles, cases, interviews, analytical reports, research results. Weekly news digest for portal subscribers.

The Russian Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistic Organizations


The official state registration of the FAR as an association took place on November 14 , 1990.

The main task of the Russian Association is to unite forwarding and logistics organizations of the Russian Federation, to represent and protect their interests.

The Association assists its members in developing their professional activities, promoting progressive forms and methods of managing transport and logistics, financial, information and other flows to the Russian market, in obtaining methodological and informational support, in improving the skills of forwarding personnel, in representing the interests of freight forwarders in the international arena, in state bodies of Russia, public organizations, in the certification of the quality of forwarding services, contributing to the increase of the prestige and importance of the company in Russia and abroad.

Afanasiy Nikitin Association


The Afanasiy Nikitin Association is a non-profit association of Russian and foreign entrepreneurs, public organizations and government bodies interested in developing the export of agricultural and industrial products using the potential of the Volga-Caspian region and related international transport and logistics corridors.

The key project of the Association is the international strategic initiative “Global Food Security Matrix” (GFSM).

Guild “HERMES”


The Association “Guild of professional participants in the market for the provision of services in the field of customs and foreign economic activity” Germes “is the largest professional association in Russia of organizations operating in the field of customs and foreign economic activity, the Association was established in 1997.

The Guild promotes the consolidation of entrepreneurs operating in the field of customs and foreign economic activity in order to participate in the formation of favorable economic, political and legal conditions for the development of entrepreneurial activity in the field of foreign economic activity.

The main task of the Russian Association is to unite forwarding and logistics organizations of the Russian Federation, to represent and protect their interests Guild “HERMES” is the initiator of the creation of the International Union of Business Associations (IBU), which includes 10 specialized Associations from 7 countries. To date, negotiations are underway on the entry of profile associations from Iran and Turkey.

Union of Railway Operators


The largest association within the 1520 space, which promotes the development of business of operators of universal and specialized railway rolling stock.

National Association of Shipping Agencies


The National Association of Shipping Agencies (NAMA) began its work in 1998 and since 2005 has been a member of the International Federation of National Associations of Shipping Brokers and Agents (FONASBA).

Representatives of NAMA participate in the expert groups of the EEC, RSPP, on the creation and implementation of the “Single Window” for maritime transportation, etc.

The Association interacts with state control bodies at maritime checkpoints – the maritime administration, border and customs services, etc., which makes it possible to promptly resolve issues and problems that arise when ships enter and stay in ports.

The ultimate goal of the Association is to build and develop equal and mutually responsible, respectful and interested relations between state structures and participants in the maritime business.

Logistics Magazine


Logistics magazine covers topical issues and experience of optimal organization, management of material, information and financial flows.

The magazine is intended for entrepreneurs, managers and specialists of logistics, supply, marketing, transportation of manufacturing enterprises, management personnel of wholesale and retail warehouses, cargo terminals, forwarding and transport companies.