In entering my personal data in the Conference TRILOGY registration form on the website, I hereby confirm that I am freely, of my own will, and in my own interests providing the EMG/ESB LLC (registered at office 718, room 6, premises 29-H, 14A, Sotsialisticheskaya street, Saint Petersburg, Russia) express, informed, and voluntary consent to processing my personal data as provided during registration under the following terms: 

1. Consent covers the processing of the following personal data: 

  • Full name and patronymic (if applicable) 
  • Passport data
  • Contact information (mobile number, landline [home] number, email address) 
  • Information on place of work/study, and job titles 
  • Cookies 

2. Personal data is processed in order to perform a range of actions for the following purposes:  

  • Registering participants for the TRILOGY Conference operated by EMG/ESB LLC. 
  • Executing participation agreements for the TRILOGY Conference operated by EMG/ESB LLC, including providing access to event venues. 
  • Providing information via email or other channels on participating in the TRILOGY Conference operated by EMG/ESB LLC. I confirm that I am aware of the ability to unsubscribe from messages providing information of this kind. This can be done by writing to with “I no longer wish to receive messages regarding the TRILOGY Conference. 

3. I give consent to processing the personal data indicated. This includes collecting, recording, collating, amassing, storing, adjusting (updating and/or changing), extracting, using, transferring (providing and/or granting access to), anonymizing, blocking, deleting, and erasing data. 

4. EMG/ESB LLC has the right to automate processing of personal data, or to process personal data without using means of automation, including by transferring it via communication channels. 

5. I give my consent to EMG/ESB LLC to transfer as much of my personal data as is required to third parties. This will be done in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Third parties may include partners of EMG/ESB LLC and other organizations as seen fit (upon request by these organizations, and in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation). The recipient of the personal data will be bound by obligations to preserve the confidentiality of the information received. A range of legal, organizational, and technical measures will be employed for the transfer of personal data in order to ensure that requirements under federal personal data protection laws are adhered to. 

6. This consent is deemed valid from the day it is signed until the day it is withdrawn. Consent may be withdrawn in person, or in written form (including as an electronic document containing a simple electronic signature or qualified electronic signature). Notices should be emailed to or mailed to office 718, 14A, Sotsialisticheskaya street, Saint Petersburg, 191119, Russia. 

7. I confirm that I have been made aware of the possibility to withdraw my consent as outlined herein, and to withdraw my consent for all operators to process my personal data, should my personal data have been transferred to other operators. 

In this instance, EMG/ESB LLC will cease processing the personal data in question, and erase it within 1 (one) month of the day a withdrawal of consent notice is received, or within the timeframe specified in current legislation, should there be no withdrawal of consent notice. From the moment EMG/ESB LLC receives a withdrawal of consent notice, the right for the individual to access conference venue revoked.